Habanero - Available via Amazon Prime!

HABANERO X CARROT - This killer combo entices your pallet with a tinge of sweetness from the carrots that quickly gives way to the spicy savory taste of the Habanero, Garlic and Lime that lasts on your tongue just long enough for you to get to that second bite!

Habanero HITTER - DM, Email or Text to Order

An extra spicy version of the Classic Habanero, this'n HITS!

Habanero 'Chill' - Currently Unavailable

A chilled out version of the Classic Habanero

Serrano - Currently Unavailable

Una Salsa Verde, this sauce has an earthy flavor that is packed full of hand picked serrano peppers giving it a bold kick.

Interested in flavor that is currently unavailable? Request it!!! [tigerfire941@gmail.com]