Tiger Fire Mission Statement

To replace the Tabascos and Cholulas of the world with a real deal, full flavor, Habanero hot sauce.

The People Deserve Better.

The People Deserve Tiger Fire.

Tabasco: Just Say NO!
Cholula: If it's the only option, then MAYBE.
Tiger Fire: Always the RIGHT Choice.

Born in the Peruvian Desert in the midst of COVID quarantine and Joe Exotic the Tiger King, Tiger Fire Hot Sauce is now exploding in popularity in the USA. Soon the whole world will learn that the only thing better than the Tiger Fire story is that Tiger Fire flavor baby! Full Story in the Chef Section!

The Unsolicited HYPE

"Dude. This sauce is BOMB. How do I praise this glorious product??"

-Mario Brown,

Houston, TX

Facebook DM

"My brother just mixed some Tiger Fire Habanero with some mayo on his burger. He is losing his mind"

-Aaron Kelley

Gainesville, FL

Instagram DM

"Discovered this at a little restaurant on vacation in Florida. Tried to talk the waitress into letting me have it lol! As soon as it became available on Amazon I bought it up. Very recommended you try it. "

-Kim B,

Amazon Review

"Can’t think of enough things that I can lather this sauce on 🤤 planning meals around this sauce because I can’t get enough "


Instagram Comment

Portland, OR

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